Few things:

1) This is two hours with a head cold. It ain't the best that can be done.

2) Things would be great for future collaboration, for whomever starts the ball rolling:

2A) State tempo (ie, 237 BPM)

2B) Put something loud and sharp like a clap on the "start" of the track, wherever that may be

2C) Everyone who collaborates from that point forth, make sure that "clap" is a part of your isolated track

Probably an hour and a half of that two hours was fishing parts around to make sure they lined up with the original. I understand that it's easy to just sort of upload stuff but it's hella more useful if I can hit it the first time without having to get forensic on its ass.

This was fun. I almost threw some garbagey triphop drumloop underneath it and hit it with a Farfisa but not this time.


thenewgreen, mad props for successfully exporting a .ptf sans drama



DUDE -- I've listened like 5 times now. I really like the way this turned out. I think we NEED to make the hubski album. Next week I'll take a night and send over a couple more.

What do you guys think about having Two Steps Away be the next one to mix? It would require isolated tracks from ghostoffuffle and T-Dog

posted by kleinbl00: 1625 days ago