1. Did you know that you can, in one fell stroke, get rid of all the people you are currently following in order to re-build your feed? I'm about to do it.

2. Did you know that you can embed soundcloud links?

3. Did you know that cW and his wife Olive are joining me and my wife to see Sufjan Stevens in May?

4. Did you know that one of the posts on Hubski that continuously brings in the most traffic is by ecib and is about how to modify and air popper to roast coffee beans?

5. Did you know that THE #1 Hubski post that continues to bring traffic is because of a mention on buzzfeed? It was a link in a listicle about the best microwave oven recipes. NotPhil's Microwave Frittata is a force to be reckoned with.

6. Did you know that we have the ability to post magnet links? -I'm not sure anyone cares or has ever attempted to do so...

7. Did you know that kleinbl00 has been to Area 51?

8. Did you know that caio wrote a Hubski Christmas poem 1192 days ago?

9. Did you know that we have Hubski Swag?

10. Did you know that I've still not sent stickers to insomniasexx and forwardslash? Why? Because I'm a dick.

11. Did you know that humanodon is a damn fine writer/poet? -You still have a poetry site/blog? I miss reading your work.

12. Did you know that we used to have progressive short stories we would write? Ask lil she'll tell you all about my horrible grammar and the mysterious caribou. #storyclub -Someone revive this.

13. Did you know that ThatsAFreeThinker has posted/hosted 11 #movieclub's? -They're pretty great. I would have never seen The Lion in Winter without it.

14. Did you know that I miss you? I do. Seriously, I do. I've been working too much these days and I've been neglecting you. I'm sorry. Will you forgive me? It's not you, it's me. To make it up to you, I'd like to begin podcasting again. What's that you say...? You didn't know I made podcasts? I do. I put them to video with the amazing steve. Check out TNGPODCAST and follow that account.

15. Did you know that mike bought a viking camp? No shit. He really did. Also, he wrote this. -Damn fine writing.

16. Speaking of damn fine writing, have you read KB's "The Restaurant at the Start of the Universe?"

17. Did you know that mk is a painter a once prominent blogger and a Wayfarer

18. Do you know what feeling in love feels like? Thanks to Saydrah I have a better idea.

19. Did you know that briandmyers kept bees?

20. Did you know that the 11111th post was from eb about the ability for trillion frame per second video? It was really interesting.

21. Did you know that b_b, his lovely bride, my wife and I are all going to see the Red Wings play the Hurricanes soon? I'm VERY excited.

22. Did you know that I usually get less than 6 hours sleep a night? That said, I'm gonna hit the hay.

One last "did you know..."

23. Did you know that we have some kick-ass new ideas for Hubski that are in the works? Shout-out forwardslash insomniasexx!!

Good night all!


These posts make me pretty happy. I know they must take some work getting them all together. Thanks!

posted 1930 days ago