The nonprofit I work for should have a damning report published by HUD-OIG within the next 30 days - the result of a nearly 9 month audit. We're screwed - HUD-OIG is recommending the agency be closed, and for good reason. My company's president was hit with 14 felonies for the last nonprofit she ran to the ground, all of which got cleared out by congress(wo)men and judges she knows. I doubt it'll be too different this time. It shouldn't, at least.

So in an effort to get accurate information, I started reading her company email (don't mess with people who have full server admin privileges). I hate invading privacy, but I hate the prospect of homelessness and unemployment with no warning even more. Lots of juicy stuff in there, non-company related. Here's a snippet of how the conservative 1% REALLY feel:

    I stopped supporting LOCAL STATE UNIVERSITY a number of years ago when the school did nothing to stop or slow down the Muslim Student group (one of the largest Muslim student groups in the country). LOCAL STATE UNIVERSITY has turned left and I see no end in sight. Maybe a shrinking donor group will get their attention.

I should feel bad for doing this (but I don't).

posted by pubski: 1522 days ago