This is stupid and hilarious. About the author:

    Timothy Faust lives in Brooklyn and runs a backyard wrestling league in Austin, Texas.


I hope this anti-social asshole contracts a disease that causes deafness.

All the fucking time...assholes put on death metal, or Hello Pussy Cat, or the music from the Mortal Combat movie. Sorry you give ladies the creeps or that the neighborhood bar I work at isn't "cool" enough or that the African funk album we have on that three people have asked who's playing is too "hipster".

Ruining 30 people's good time, on purpose isn't funny, doesn't make you cool, it makes you an anti-social ass hole.

It might be funny if these trite assholes weren't doing this shit ALL THE TIME, but I do like Thin Lizzy...

posted by galen: 1399 days ago