It was the kind of moment true-crime TV fans live for but almost never get to see: a suspected murderer seeming to confess his guilt while the audience listens in.


So I was gonna watch this because the news broke this morning, then I read the NPR piece and decided "yeah let's cue it up" and I watched the first episode and its really good viewing.

But HBO doesn't publish their nightlies anymore which kind of puts the concept of "success" out there in limbo. And we've got an "n" of one so it's a little early to draw any conclusions. And the format of Jinx isn't dissimilar from the format of Broadchurch or Top of the Lake or The Killing or True Detective other than that it's a documentary rather than a drama - the pacing is the same, the attraction is the same, the characterization is largely the same.

So I'm not sure it's a good question to ask. Interesting show, but weird analysis by NPR.

posted by thenewgreen: 1525 days ago