‚ÄčLatest Old Type Writer column from my mom - titled "Rub-a-Dub-Dub ... Pitfalls of a Nostalgic Mind-Set." Anyone who has ever fixed up an old home ... or given up on fixing up an old home ... or dealt with difficult family members ... or given up on dealing with difficult family members will enjoy this latest piece. Talk of the Town Editor Jennifer Romano writes, "Follow columnist Susie Duncan Sexton as she reflects on life with a little nostalgia on Old Type Writer."

Here's a quote from the column itself, "Never allow sentiment to dictate the purchase of your old 1935 homestead which hinges upon shedding a perfectly adequate 1952 'Better Homes & Garden' type dwelling the Cleavers would have died for -- in a decent more progressive zippy larger town -- and then feeling joyful possessing enough cash in hand to close the deal."

Read the rest at the link: http://talkofthetownwc.com/oldtypewriter/2015/03/rubadubdubpitfalls_of_a_nostal.html

posted by roysexton: 1406 days ago