On Thursday afternoon, he emerged from hospital in the Indian state of Gujarat, where he had spent 15 days. He was monitored around the clock and, according to the medics who oversaw him, consumed no food and no water whatsoever. No human should be able to survive such conditions unscathed — the lack of water alone should have killed him. But Mr Jani apparently suffered absolutely no ill-effects at all.

    We may never know the truth, but until he is exposed as a fraud, perhaps we should enjoy suspending our disbelief and give Mr Jani the benefit of the doubt. After all, wouldn’t life be boring if everything was rational?

Anything is possible.

Edit: Something I find very interesting are how dilated his eye are. The only time I've seen eyes that dilated are when someone has just taken psychedelic mushrooms or LSD. Maybe he's on a true natural high?


Give him to the Amazing Randi.

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