"But one of the most problematic issues that lies at the heart of all this is this philosophical conundrum: What is the truth? Because the truth is often so subjective,"

mk: A truth can be subjective, but not completely subjective. Shared limits on subjectivity are how we meaningfully communicate and maintain a civil society.

Saying that a lap dance ban was enacted on the same day is a lie. It is not something within the limits of rationale subjectivity. It has nothing to do with perspective. It is fine if this type of essay is published in a place where you expect falsehoods, but not in a place where you don't. To push it as truth is lazy and deceitful.

    He paraphrases T.S. Eliot, saying, "Sometimes we misplace wisdom for information. Accumulating all of this data isn't really going to provide us with the answer we need. We need another approach, and perhaps that approach is one that's more meditative, one that isn't relying solely on gathering facts."

provide us with the answer we need? I think he means: provide us with the answer we want.

posted by thenewgreen: 2511 days ago