About eight months ago, we made a significant change to tags. Prior to that update, the author could add up to two tags to each post, and once posted, the community could add an additional third community tag. Personal tags such as #blog.hubski were optional.

Since that update, the author could add up to two tags, where the first tag generated a personal tag, and the second tag was a suggested community tag.

Today we are rolling things back to the original functionality.

Once again, the author can add up to two tags to a post. A third tag can then be added (and changed) by the community.

To make a personal tag, simply add an @ to the end of the tag. For example, for veen, "technology@" will create the tag #technology.veen.

I'd be happy to explain our reasoning behind the reversion below.

As always, feedback is much appreciated.


I'd like to note - if you are actually using, following, and loving personal tags I would love to hear as much or as little about why and how you use them. What do you like about personal tags? Where does the personal tag and thoughts about the personal tag fit into how you use Hubski? Etc.

As far as I can tell, very few people are actually using and following the personal tags - or specifically choosing to personally tag things so that people can follow their content.

I've found most people like the idea of being able to have more granular control over what they see and follow... but I don't see it actually being used. I know I don't.

So, if you can give us some insight into this we may be able to come up with a better solution that provides value to you and probably the larger Hubski community. Personal tags had good intentions and looks great on paper. But there is something missing or slightly off, which is why we don't see them being used consistently.

posted by hubski: 1536 days ago