The prominence of sugar as an added ingredient in foods is eerie. Especially when recent studies have shown that sugar is more addictive than cocaine or heroin. Aside from the the known detriment of sugar (increased fat, links to cancer, general poor health) is something else. Sugar is known the calcify the pineal gland.

The pineal glad is located in between the two brain hemispheres and is often referred to as the "seat of consciousness." Why might it be called that? Well, other studies have shown that the pineal gland is responsible for the natural production of DMT, sometimes referred to as the "spirit molecule."

DMT is associated with out-of-body experiences. But out-of-body experiences are not necessarily as extreme as one might imagine. Through focused practices (such as yoga, meditation, etc.) a person comes to realize that Who You Are is separate from the physical self. That realization and experience, practiced over time, can be considered an out-of-body experience. My guess is that the focus these practices require triggers the pineal gland to produce DMT.

A natural question that follows might be, "are we meant to experience the effects o DMT?" Well, consider the following. If we can experience any effect from a chemical (whether produced locally or internally), that means we naturally have a receptor for it. If we naturally have a receptor for it, it is logical to conclude that we naturally produce that chemical. Listen to this podcast for more information.

When the pineal gland becomes calcified through increased sugar consumption (as well as other factors (e.g. fluroide intake, DMT production decreases significantly. My conclusion is that removing sugar (and other pineal gland calcifiers) from one's diet can increase the pineal gland's natural production of DMT.

From personal experience, the the mild out-of-body experiences focused practice induces (meditation, bass practice) has led me to realize the abundance of the present moment. I don't need to participate in a consumer society because I have everything I need right here and now.

Note: nothing against simple sugars like those found in apples, grapes, etc. I've not done the research but I imagine that naturally occurring sugars would not be detrimental as refined processed sugar.


I searched pubmed for pineal calcification and couldn't find any mention of sugar. Are you sure there is sufficient evidence of that?

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