It's been too long since we've had a Hubski Update.

Today, we are rolling out drafts.

Now when you add text to a post or a comment, you are given the option to save it as a draft, rather than posting it right away.

A few things about drafts:

-A draft remains only visible to you until you publish it. To do so, toggle the draft selection to 'no' when editing the post or comment.

-Shoutouts and reply alerts are only sent when a draft is published.

-Posts and comments that have been posted cannot be reverted to a draft.

-You can find a link to all your current drafts in your profile.

You can thank insomniasexx for this one.

As always, feedback is much appreciated.


This is a nice aid to longer-form content. I think this is going to be one of the better updates.

posted by hubski: 1662 days ago