Fairbanks said that at some illegal marijuana grow sites he saw "rabbits that had cultivated a taste for the marijuana. ..." He continued: "One of them refused to leave us, and we took all the marijuana around him, but his natural instincts to run were somehow gone."


Wow this is a topic for notthteonion. Good to see that it's already on there.

Looks like Think of the Children has found a new friend in Think of the Rabbits when it comes to keeping marijuana legalization down for the DEA. I wonder what Matt Fairbanks was thinking when he was preparing his argument against medical marijuana? I mean you can't help but laugh when you hear the idea of a stoned rabbit. It just seems like a bizarre thing to bring up. Perhaps if Fairbanks was looking for an animal in this argument, he should have chosen a dog or a cat because the number of cat and dog owners in Utah probably outweighs the number of people who own a rabbit as a pet.

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