There's so much about that article that boils my bones. I'm trying to even put it into words.

I guess, what I see is a portrait of sad people who are looking to blame others for their problems, and a charlatan leading them, pointing them in the direction of a relatively easy target. He may not be Jim Jones, but these people sure have drunk the Kool-Aid.

One thing that really struck me was the violence in the words, whether a "joke" or not

    'Responding to a feminist critic, he once wrote, "The idea of fucking your shit up gives me an erection."'

    'he says he lodged a complaint against his ex, the beginning of a legal battle that led him to a hunger strike. "I should have killed the bitch five years ago," he tells me. "I'd be out by now."'

    'Elam's proposal to make October "Bash a Violent Bitch Month," in which men should take the women who abuse them "by the hair and smack their face against the wall till the smugness of beating on someone because you know they won't fight back drains from their nose with a few million red corpuscles."'

The whole section with the "Most Unconsensual hug I have ever known" is fucking nightmare fuel. this comment, however, brought a bit of a laugh:

    Elam's white, but he identifies with Malcolm X; he believes he needs to shock society to be heard. He says his talk of "the business end of a right hook" and women who are "freaking begging" to be raped is simply his version of Malcolm's "by any means necessary."

but only because if I didn't laugh, i'd have to cry.

posted by thenewgreen: 1418 days ago