Some of the #hubskiliterarything participants are receiving their books after a long wait.

In the link above is a Google map showing where the books ended up (or will end up - sorry for those still waiting).

Eventually people will read their books and send them on to other Hubskiers who have a thirst for literature. Then we will update the map. Perhaps, one day, it will be a network of books, lacework across the map, arcs linking each place each book touched down to be devoured by its recipient before it continued its flight like a migratory paper bird.

In the meantime...

Have you initial nine spokes received your books yet? Post a picture here, perhaps. And, perhaps those Hubskiers who want to be next in line can start to form a disorderly queue.

Hubski Literary Thing: The generation of a new taste.


No, damn it. I'll be checking the mail again as soon as I get home.

Candide is a quick read, though -- assuming it does in fact arrive at my mailbox, who wants it next? Stateside is best but not entirely necessary.

posted by Complexity: 1425 days ago