I... hmm.


Have I told you have piracy keeps down global warming?

A massive flaw in any sort of morality today vs yesterday is that we are standing in the world today, and have been raised in our culture, and view our culture as the moral agent, the morality that is true and accurate. We cannot effectively state "We get more moral over time" because past generations and cultures had different views on what counted as moral progress. Jackson, or one of the old presidents would hate our modern USA where workers everywhere work on factories and do not have the freedom of their own land and their own choices.

IQ going up can be attributed to changes in amount of nutrition, removal of lead from gasoline, along with numerous other factors. While I am sure a modern society has to do with it as well, I don't think that it is entirely cultural, and we will hit an upper limit in the future (on human scales of time, at least, without us learning to modify our own genetics and minds)

posted by flagamuffin: 1430 days ago