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-I had to be very quiet tonight because I have company over, therefore I recorded a song almost entirely with my iPad. I little lightly strummed guitar at the end.

The lyrics are from a poem (below) that Humanodon offered up as lyrics.

  Some people will never be kissed by someone 
  who loves them, not even by their mothers.
  Some people will never eat Chinese food,
  even though life is a buffet and no one ever
  gets full.  Some people spend their whole lives
  eating dessert, never knowing that one ā€œsā€
  could change everything.  Some people spend
  their lives trembling like suddenly little dogs
  through thunderstorms.  Some people
  cannot ever remember enough to forget.
  Some people are self-inflicted wounds, already
  infected by flesh eating viruses, which rarely
  give up eating unless there is simply too much
  of a body.  Some people never fall out of love
  with their own voices and cease to understand
  any voice from the outside.  Some people
  will never go on a boat, or fold one out of paper
  and set it free in the gutter of wherever it is
  they say they live.  Some people are invincible.

posted by thenewgreen: 1431 days ago