Once interest has been piqued:
  Do personalise any email invitations to correspond online
  Do make it short and sweet
  Don't be afraid to use poetry, preferably rhyming with the potential date's headline
  Once contact has been made:
  Do ask open questions
  Do respond promptly: eagerness is not turn-off
  Don't write screeds, but enough to indicate generosity with time
  Do introduce humour
  Do disclose some personal information
  Don't sell yourself as a rare commodity that is worth having
  If on a webcam:
  Do smile
  Do mimic body language
  Don't slouch
  Do pay genuine compliments, but don't flatter
  Don't portray yourself as perfect: it arouses suspicion
  Do end every conversation on a positive note/with a positive revelation about yourself
  And finally, don't leave it too long before arranging a face to face meeting.|
-I could literally use this entire list when training a new sales manager.

posted by ooli: 1435 days ago