I am not surprised, but if Musk thought they would sell heavily ... I don't like to obviously disagree with someone who knows a lot more about a subject than I do.

It seems to me that the Tesla is for upper middle class people who care or want to be seen as caring about the environment, who value being on the cauterized edge of the Silicon Valley wave. There are a lot of these in the US. Now, China. China has a lot of nouveau riche who are image-conscious, yes, but I don't really see "pro-environment" factoring into their idea of image. Do they buy ferraris? Absolutely. Teslas? Hmm. It doesn't exactly pass the gut test. Is Silicon Valley the hipness that rich Chinese are aiming for? American companies don't exactly have automatic success in China, lately.

Anyone want to weigh in?

posted by flagamuffin: 1436 days ago