This is important, particularly the idea (with which I wholeheartedly agree) that the high-end humanities departments are destroying the brains of all the students who enter them. There's simply something wrong if your lit degree has you reading Lillian Hellman but not Aristophanes. Or your psych degree has you memorizing Freud instead of learning actual things about the brain. I could go on and on and on. Better to join some English department that isn't steeped in its own mythos, so you'll actually learn what you came to learn. If you must join at all.

The further point, of course, is for chrissakes study something else. Study something that can't be self-taught efficiently, like biochem or accounting. Suck it up. Read Hellman and Lacan and Foucault on your own time. I have never encountered a good argument against this.


    Or your psych degree has you memorizing Freud

Wait, there are places that do this? Yikes. I started university as a psych major before transitioning into a comp-sci double-major, and we got maybe one or two lectures on Freud in our intro to psychology class, before dropping him for almost the entire rest of the program.

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