Netflix announced a project where they'd be doing a mini-series on my all time favorite superhero, Daredevil.

Daredevil is my favorite because the character has really grown into someone who cares so much about his community. If someone is wronged he wants to make it right.

I was introduced to Daredevil in the 80s when I saw the comic and my grandma told me I could get it. I fell instantly in love with the story. Daredevil was the guy you wanted fighting on your team.

Daredevil is also blind. Which is cool for a superhero, why can't people with disabilities be superheroes (p.s. Hawkeye used to be deaf but they don't mention it in the Avengers and it's been kind of washed out of the universe).

What I am really hoping for (but I doubt will happen) is an appearance by Echo. Echo was a character developed by David Mack who is manipulated by the Kingpin to try to take down Matt Murdoch. She is deaf, but can mimic any sort of movement she sees perfectly (training with Bruce Lee becomes much easier after he has passed).

Anyway I am excited for this.

posted by mknod: 1659 days ago