From The Fountain's soundtrack.


For all you young kids, The Sugarcubes are Bjork's old band i mean

Korg Micro Preset Synth Roland TR606 Drumatix used for triggering the Jupiter 6 Polymoog Aphex gate and 360 compressor Behringer UltraFX and stereo imager Zoom 9030 (x2) Art Multivert Yamaha SPX50D and SPX900 Alesis R100 amp Two DI racks Soundcraft Spirit 32:8:2 desk Alesis Monitor Ones Tascam DA30 Alesis ADAT (x2) Akai S1100 and S1000 DAC SyQuest floptical drive Technics hi-fi Denon CD Aiwa Cassette Novation BassStation rack Alesis D4 Emu Vintage Keys Roland JV-880 Cuepoint remote controller for ADAT Boss Dr Synth Atari 1040 ST Notator SL software Roland JD-800 with custom "EMF are shit" preset

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