There were a lot of good recommendations last week and a lot of the exact same vote counts but The Lion in Winter took the cake.

The film is available on Google Play, Amazon Video, and here. We'll reconvene in a week for the discussion and I hope everyone enjoys it!

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Woo hoo!

Lion in Winter is what All in the Family would look like if it were written by Shakespeare and Archie Bunker was the King of England. Oh, and he'd locked Edith in the tower of London for a decade so he could fuck around without losing southern France. And Michael hated Archie so much that he'd been leading Crusades to take it out on the Moors. Oh, and there are two more back-stabbing brothers.

William Goldman is a modest but realistic screenwriter. He's widely acknowledged as the best screenwriter of the past 40 years. He wrote Princess Bride, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, All the President's Men, Misery, Ghost & the Darkness, all sorts of crazy-good shit. The one guy William Goldman was always in awe of was his older brother James, who was a playwright that occasionally went slumming and wrote screenplays. Especially if they were of his stage plays.

James Goldman wrote They Might Be Giants. And he wrote The Lion in Winter.

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