kleinbl00 you and I once had a discussion about youtubers and their influence (or more accurately, because you convinced me of your point, their lack thereof).

In this piece Hank Green asserts

    "Glozell, Bethany and I don’t sit in fancy news studios surrounded by fifty thousand dollar cameras and polished metal and glass backdrops with inlayed 90-inch LCD screens. People trust us because we’ve spent years developing a relationship with them. We have been scrutinized and found not evil. Our legitimacy comes from honesty, not from cultural signals or institutions."

You said, in our comment tree here

    The Glenn Becks and BIll Mahers of the world have to compete in a marketplace - Youtubers can buy influence and their best method towards reach is to spam, spam, spam their way to the top.

If you read this article, does this complicate or clarify your view? Or do you see this as something else entirely? I don't mean to drag your previous comments out in a bad way. He covers a lot of ground here, and I guess you seem a good person to ask.


Allow me to start with a palate cleanser.

We'll get back to that.

Allow me to point out that this tedious little shitbird was given unfettered access - was encouraged, in fact, not to softball - a sitting President of the United States of America. Because that's sort of a subtext of the article which, of course, was written by a tedious little shitbird.

Allow me to also point out that this tedious little shitbird didn't write an article about how his point of view was changed, or why he asked what he asked, or what he thought was important, or what subjects aren't getting covered by the press. He wrote an article about how mean the press was to him. Which, by the by, he punctuated with animated gifs. Including one of Andrew WK.

    So let's get a party going (let's get a party going) Now it's time to party and we'll party hard (party hard) Let's get a party going (let's get a party going) When it's time to party we will always party hard Party hard (party hard, party hard, party hard party hard, party hard, party hard party hard, party hard, party hard...)

This - tedious little shitbird was given the opportunity to truly interface with the leader of the mutherfucking free world and NPR's takeaway was

    Hank Green said there were some "great ideas" in Tuesday's speech but that he joined others in being "a little worried that none of them are at all politically feasible. Am I wrong?"

(Somewhere, Charlie Rose is groaning)

So this tedious little shitbird wrote an article - for medium, one of my new favorite entitled hipster rags - in which he describes the Sound and the Fury of Youtubers and their power in the face of establishment media because

    ...they’ll do it through the new legitimacy. Apparently, that’s me.

Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth,

    Since 2008, there has been a steady flow of cash, personnel, and technology from Google’s California headquarters to the White House. Google employees have given the President over $1.5 million in combined donations. In fact, they were his fourth-largest source of cash in 2008, and in third-largest in 2012. Google’s biggest contribution however was the specially-designed technology, not yet available to the public, that allowed Obama to connect with voters in ways his opponents could not.

Crowing about Youtubers interviewing the President is like arguing This guy got into the Bush press corps on merit.

Good friend of mine did audio on Obama's first campaign video for Davis Guggenheim. For a long time his Facebook photo was him, micing up Obama, as shot by Davis Guggenheim on Hasselblad. It's a hell of a shot. Obama, in 2008, was an incredibly accessible person, quick witted, easy to get along with, a consummate communicator. He's been in front of the public more than any other president in history.

Obama was on fucking Between Two Ferns. Where nothing of substance was discussed, and where the Internet melted down in self-gasm.

And here we are, next to a woman who got 46m pageviews for taping herself doing the cinnamon challenge.

Does this complicate or clarify my view?

    I know these people. I work with them. And they're not important. They're not a microcosm of anything. They're a desperate cry for attention by a bunch of trust fund kids.

This tedious little shitbird sat down to talk to the president and his take-away is

    I think sub-consciously they understand the really terrifying thing here. Glozell and Bethany and I weren’t put in a chair next to President Obama because we have cultivated an audience. We were put there because we have cultivated legitimacy.

Did you know that when you highlight that 24-point quote a "retweet" button pops up automatically?

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