But no decision we ever made could have been more catastrophic than this one: Somewhere along the way, we spiritually and emotionally disengaged from teaching and mentoring students. The decision—which certainly hasn’t ingratiated us to the job-seeking generation—has resulted in one whopper of a contradiction. While teaching undergraduates is, normally, a large part of a professor’s job, success in our field is correlated with a professor’s ability to avoid teaching undergraduates.


After reading the article posted I honestly don't have much to say.

I do know, however, that I am currently in college to get a degree, and use it to get a job. I have zero interest in humanities, or "bettering the mind" or "enlightenment". I have found zero critical thinking in my classes, and have found zero moments of "wow, I never considered that".

Honestly, I find sites like hubski and reddit the source of that now-a-days. Online competition between ideas. The ability to speak anonymously, etc, have created a system that moves ideas around far better than the humanities can ever do.

Also, screw all those idiots who think they are cool or smart because they like using big words and fancy terms that academia uses. They are annoying and often make me want to call myself an "anti-intellectual".

posted by flagamuffin: 1421 days ago