Blend it, mix it, shake it, spin it, juice it! Use a an old school cement mixer, a hand blender or a bowl, a spoon and some elbow grease... its your call, but for this challenge at least one component of your dish must involve the taking of ingredients and fusing them together via applied pressure, spinning, twirling, grinding or twisting. Shake it up baby!

We will have till a week from today, Monday, January 26th to prepare a dish that is shaken, or stirred.

In order to have a shot at the crown, the title, the grubski trophy, I would highly suggest the following:

1. Take photos of the process and DEFINITELY of the final product

2. Make the blended portion of your dish a main focal point

3. Think cocktails/beverages too...


Shoutouts of past participants and observers:

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I don't think this can count because there are no pictures of the process but I have one (not very good) pic of the final product that I made today.

It's called faseek. You blend onions, green and red peppers, tomatoes, peanut butter, and anchovies together. Then you pour olive oil on top. Hot sauce not necessary but almost always requested. Scoop with bread. Enjoy. Brush teeth afterwards.

posted by thenewgreen: 1521 days ago