Where were you when Tetsuo and Youth leaked?

I was trawling through the KTT forums, waiting to freak out alongside everyone else once it finally dropped.

Then it dropped, and I've had it on repeat since.

Lupe Fiasco said that Mural was the track that everything in his career had led to. HE WAS RIGHT.This shit pops off, 8 minutes of complete poetry. Not a single word wasted. No need for a chorus. Lu is turning annotating his raps into a full-time job..

Just...damn. Absolute fire. The rest of the year is going to have trouble topping this album, hiphop wise. Get on it Kanye.

If you wanted to only hear one song recommendation from me, let it be this track:

    Who’s the Boss? If isn't Alyssa Milano

    Dudikoff, ninja mission into the Congo

    Polarize envy of the older guys

    Black obi, shinobi hittin' Kenno in the face with all my throwin' knives

    Sub-zero guiding, hiding, riding in the pack as well

    Sound village, Leaf village, wolf spirit, magic spells

    Dodging rain and catching hail

    Faces need samurais to catch the L


Or, you know. I Got White Friends. I wouldn't mind if that was the one song you took from me, taste-wise.

Also been listening to Starcadian, which is a lot like pre-Random Access Memories Daft Punk.

posted by bfv: 1706 days ago