I've thought of most of "his" ideas before hand

Electric Car - Okie, this one doesn't count, but I did wonder why cars can't run on little batteries like my toy car

Hyperloop - Number one, I've been telling people about this since I was seven, not even kidding, no one seemed to care so I scrapped it

Sattelite Internet - Another idea of mine, I wanted to shoot a sattelite(s) into space and let people all over the world connect (For a fee)

Space Tourism - Well, alot of people, including me had this idea ;-;


When I was younger, like 6 or 7 I thought the government put a chip in my brain to steal ideas, and that my entire life took place in a facility especially designed to help give me these ideas.

Maybe it is, but it was always years after I came up with these ideas that someone had made one a reality. There are probably millions of people with the same ideas, just only 1 of them is bothered to act on one.

So as lots of people have said before, follow your dreams!

posted by simbha: 1556 days ago