Steve Dale, a cat behavior consultant and pet journalist, told me that cat aficionados have been particularly drawn to the Internet because they lack other public safety valves where they can express their affection. "In the world of cats, there is no dog park," Dale says. "For cat owners, the dog park is the Internet."

thenewgreen: One of our resident comic artists should create one slide with a bunch of cats sitting in an auditorium. The caption reads "Annual What We Should Take Over Meeting". The cats are intensely facing a big screen that says 1980's-Single Elderly Women 1990's- Saturday Night Live 2000's -The Internet 2010's - Further saturate internet...

I don't know, maybe it's just the scotch.

The post makes sense, dogs insist that their owners be social. I have a Vizsla and an English Pointer. They need a ton of exercise. We go to the dog park at least once a week but usually twice. I tend to keep to myself but occasionally there are some great people there. I've gotta say though, some of the die hard dog parkers creep me out.

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