“Today’s horrific events only reinforce the idea that we cannot and will not let extremist zealots dictate what we can and cannot say,” is a comment that we will quote, but one that we do with a legitimate sense of uncertainty over whether it could incite an attack against the speaker or their loved ones, a sense of uncertainty that feels awful, grotesque, and wholly unnecessary in this day and age. “We live in a society in which every person is entitled to his or her own opinions, and every person is entitled to express those opinions without fear of harm. And that isn’t changing, whether a small minority of psychotic, murderous degenerates like it or not.”

I'm sad. What can you do against such hatred.


I was driving today and listening to the story, and I thought of The Onion, and how I would feel as the editor of it. I would feel obligated to respond in some way, and yet, I would fear for myself, my staff and my family.

This isn't as simple as hatred. Zealotry is a thing all of its own.

posted by ButterflyEffect: 1476 days ago