Great read, insom.

> The Dose post, which received more Facebook shares than its precursors, briefly mentioned D’Aluisio and Menzel (though D’Aluisio’s name was misspelled). But their book, “What I Eat,” went unmentioned, and they certainly did not share in the advertising revenue. “This took us four years and almost a million dollars, all self-funded,” Menzel told me. “We are trying to make that money back by selling the book and licensing the images. But these viral sites—the gee-whiz types that are just trying to attract eyeballs—they don’t pay for licensing. They just grab stuff and hope they don’t get caught.

I realise this is a complex issue and certainly one could argue Menzel et al should have taken steps to better protect their IP (although what those steps should have consisted in is open to question), but this is the common strategy for clickbait sites generally. Good content ultimately comes down to the talent, hard work and and dedication of one or two creators. Yet, somehow, it's Spartz that's being touted as the wunderkind while the creators whose work he is making his money from too often go unrewarded. For all the suggestion that he's "one of the good guys" I found it difficult not to dislike him.

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