This is the fourth State of Hubski post. We are 28 in dog years.

I have no defined intentions for this place beyond enabling thoughtful interaction. However, something else has transpired. Whether it was the IRCs, the meetups, #grubski, 103 #weeklymusicthreads, #pubski, or just a critical mass of comments and posts, many of us interact in ways that transcend Hubski itself.

We remain a small, yet uniquely vibrant corner of the internet. I’ve met many of you face to face, and each time, the conversation felt too short.

There is a spirit to Hubski.

There were less Hubski Updates this year. That was not due to a lack of activity. forwardslash and insomniasexx have been toiling away at a complete rewrite of the site. For our "second job" team, the task has been a heavy one. However, there now exists an alternate version of Hubski, and it is written in Scala and Node.js. Expect an invite to test and break it in the month of January.

It was a difficult decision to channel so much of our limited resources into a rewrite. We have a number of Hubski Updates in the queue, and it has been painful to delay them. I am very excited about one update in particular, and I am glad that 2015 will see its implementation.*

We are also excited about the robust API that the new Hubski features.

On a call a few weeks ago, the Hubski team started talking about new stickers. We had an idea, and immediately contacted sounds_sound, as we agreed that he could pull it off best. The next Hubski sticker aligns well with my thoughts and feelings regarding Hubski of 2014.

The State of Hubski is good this New Years Eve of 2014. Thank you for being a part of it.

Happy New Year, Hubski!

It has nothing to do with tags.**

**Ok. Those might be changed too.


Happy New Year from Hong Kong! I've put up about 100 stickers so far all over the city.

It's actually 1pm here now..on the 1st. While most of you are getting your slosh on, my hangovers already gone. Boo-ya!

Thank you all for another amazing year.

I personally cannot wait to get rid of all the tags on hubski! WOOO HOOOO! :P

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