I hate hops.

I hate craft beer.

I specifically hate beer from Oregon for all the reasons listed. The fact that the author considers Widmer Hefeweizen to be one of the least hoppy beers illustrates the magnitude of the problem. I mean, Widmer and Pyramid are served with a fucking lemon wedge.

The thing that really pisses me off is it's ruining other beers. Heineken has been getting more and more bitter every year. Bitter-ass beer is displacing non-bitter-ass beer. When was the last time you saw Killian's? But Stella - Stella you can buy anywhere. And Trader Joe's is now selling Warsteiner, which tastes like a skunk dipped in turpentine.

I drink Kirin Light, Amstel Light and Sapporo in that order of preference. I know of two stores in an eight mile radius that will sell me Kirin Light.

There are five Whole Foods within an eight mile radius of me.

posted by TheGreatAbider16: 1476 days ago