We've had political trouble in Sweden to. As an explanation for Americans ; right now we've basically have "our" democrats running on "our" republicans budget.

This is because we have a racist fascist party in Sweden who no-one wants to be connected to or co-operate with in the other parties. The left-wing parties are bigger than the right-wing parties, but with the neo-facist party the right-wingers are bigger. When they were voting for the budget the neo-facists voted for the right -wing budget which means that the ruling parties are enforcing a budget that isn't theirs.

The neo-facist did this to force a new election were they would have gained supporters and gotten bigger. And the ruling parties announced a new election And yesterday this new election was going to be called. But a week before that, the 27th all parties except the most left-wing and the neo-facist one had come to an agreement. They are calling this the December-agreement. This agreement means that the situation we've been in can not be repeated until after the next election. All the parties except the neo-facist one are really happy about this, and most regular people too.

Tl;dr: me talking about Swedish politics

posted by flagamuffin: 1482 days ago