Found myself lost in BEST OPENING LINES and FAMOUS CLOSING LINES while looking for the source of the line, "Isn't it pretty to think so?"

Shoutouts to the occasional quotesporn committee OftenBen and flagamuffin and the ever-virtuous galen.

I realized that's it's been almost two months since people have posted quotes from RECENT readings. Maybe you just were given a new book!

The lists of closing and opening lines were interesting. The person posting the lists had favourite authors, and if you look, you'll see the brief comments before each quote are a little silly.

For example:

    Best opening sentence about incest that doesn’t explicitly mention incest, but is, like, totally about incest:

Check back to this over the week. I hope there will be some interesting quotations. It doesn't have to be a beginning or ending. It doesn't have to be something you are reading. Mine will be lyrics to a song that I just now heard and read.


    Strange, how a moment of existence can cut so deeply into our being that while ages pass unnoticed, a brief love can structure and define the very topology of our consciousness ever after.

― Steven Peck, A Short Stay in Hell

    Of course I cannot break through the wall by battering my head against it if I really have not the strength to knock it down, but I am not going to be reconciled to it simply because it is a stone wall and I have not the strength.

My first venture into Russian literature. Better than I expected so far.

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