Sorry if you're not on here, I would have ended up posting everything on Hubski in the past year pretty quickly. Rest assured I probably love one thing every single person on this website has posted at some point.

Two of my own posts are there out of fondness more than anything else, and the reason I posted "I went to a Party" is to draw specific attention to kleinbl00's comment.

I don't have the capacity to compare one year of hubski to any other, since I've only been here for about one, but I think this was a pretty good one.

Happy breaks and Chirstmases and Hannukahs and any other holidays, peeps.


I need to put that Nike spot up. Fuckers never did get me a copy.


Note that this is an unlisted video, I don't really have permission to share it around, yadda yadda yadda. So kindly keep it under your hat. I have no idea where it finally ended up but I got the video at 9am on a Wednesday and by 7pm we were done.

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