Requires: Windows

Video playthrough + Script/Summary coming soon. Let me know about download/whatever issues and I'll try to help best I can.

I put way too much effort into this than more people would probably want to know. Created using RPG Maker VX, with a little bit of Ruby thrown in there.

How to play:

Arrow Keys: Move

Enter: Select an action, move dialogue forward.

Esc: Open the menu, save, equip stuff, etc.

If you've played an RPG before you know the gist, if not, basically you move around on an overworld, with battles occurring randomly as you walk around. Players and enemies take turns attacking each other, with whoever has the fastest speed acting first, followed by second fastest, etc. etc. Players can also find new equipment to make their characters, -- Havires, Badger, and Ben -- stronger. If you're too lazy to explore, you can grind for badges, this game's currency, and buy better equipment from Demure. That might be necessary in order to fight one particular enemy...

Anyways, have fun with my stupid "I don't want to think about Finals" project. Let me know if there are places/enemies that seem impossible to get to/beat. I playtested it, but I also didn't playtest it THAT much. I'll try to change it ASAP.

Music used (Track, Artist, Game):

Darkness of the Unknown, Yoko Shimomura, Kingdom Hearts 2

Candy Shop (8bit), 50 Cent

Tomorrow is Mine!, Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Bayonetta 2

Title, Jake Kaufman, Mighty Switch Force

Blood on the Leaves (8bit), Kanye West, Yeezus

If I Ruled the World (8bit), Nas

Game Over, Nintendo, Smash Bros.

Victory, Nintendo, Earthbound

I'll Face Myself (Battle), Shoji Meguro, Persona 4

Big Poppa (8bit), Notorious Big


Now to play.

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