Yes, the stock market is soaring, the unemployment rate is finally retreating after the Great Recession and the economy added 321,000 jobs last month. But all that growth has done nothing to boost pay for the typical American worker. Average wages haven’t risen over the last year, after adjusting for inflation. Real household median income is still lower than it was when the recession ended.


I wholeheartedly recommend George Packer's The Great Unwinding. Not because it gives reasons, but because it gives you a full-scale, anecdotal view of the past 60 years of American history.

As to Rockwell, I spent the better part of a year hunting this down. A copy hangs in the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society. I printed out and mounted a full-size (24x40) version and had it mounted for a friend for his housewarming.

He thought it was science fiction.

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