With the introduction of two new users, simbha and curious_neophyte, as well as some discussion with thenewgreen, I thought about a way to help new members get their feet wet and get to know some people within the existing community(ies).

Personally, I enjoy talking to new members. I enjoy helping people find things that interest them on the site, and to just generally shoot the breeze. pubski for example is great because it serves as a good, punctuated general discussion thread. A space where we can express whatever is on our minds, add depth to our digital character. In addition to pubski, and 'Hi I'm new here' threads, I would like to create a list of people who are interested in interacting with new users, as a resource.

Some people have no interest in this kind of thing, and that's just fine by me. I'm just curious if anyone else would be interested in this proactive approach to helping cultivate the thoughtful web?


#newtohubski exists solely for people to get their feet wet. If you're following that tag, you're either interested in speaking to new users or you're a horrible troll.

And speaking as a horrible troll, I think duplicating the obvious, established and successful efforts of #newtohubski through some sort of ladies' home bake brigade thing doesn't help anybody. The biggest problem anybody has with the site is "how do I figure out what I'm doing and navigate the place" and throwing in a "well, you could do this OR this other thing" will be counter-productive.

posted by OftenBen: 1600 days ago