I am very entranced by this poem. I don't want to influence any analyses by putting mine here, but if anyone wants to post thoughts after reading, I would love to engage in a discussion.


I don't know if I have any analysis to share, but I will say that the end of this poem really struck me:

  I hear in heaven
  the angel has a harelip

  and she is willing to watch you shake.
I once wrote a song called "Hair Lip". I was born with a cleft pallet and according to the doctors, I had a harelip that healed in utero. I was born with a hairline scar that ran from my left nostril down to my lip, where the gap would have been.

I dodged a bullet.

I really enjoyed the poem though, it's got some pretty amazing imagery and for the reasons stated above, that last bit really resonated with me.

posted by bristolstreet: 1718 days ago