If you've read some of my posts on Hubski you know I believe that white people get away with committing crimes after being stopped by police because, well, they're white.

You know I believe this because I've experienced it. Because both my siblings have experienced it. Apparently my friends on Facebook have, too, because I just saw TWO put up posts about crimes they'd committed - one, for instance, driving under the influence, going the wrong way on a one-way, and having a headlight out, ALL AT THE SAME TIME - where a cop stopped them, didn't even fucking ask them for an ID, and let them off with a warning.

Well, apparently me, and the 5 people I know in my close proximity who have talked about it, aren't the only ones either.

Suck on that, assholes who don't believe that white people get away with shit because they're white.




If you don't wanna rife through the twitter feed, (and who can blame ya) check out the article on it here



And if you're muted here, you can suck my fat white ass


So - I'm white (duh), and something kind of weird happened on my drive back to college.

I was on I-90, and barely going over the speed limit (less than 5mph over), and was about to pass a car with an attached trailer. As I was about to do so I passed a state trooper, who proceeded to pull onto the highway as soon as I started to pass so I merged back to the right and promptly got pulled over. The incident went like this:

Me: Grabs license while friend looks for registration in glove compartment.

Officer: License and registration

Me: Gives license, still looking for registration.

Officer: Can you hear me alright? How do you say your last name, I want to make sure I address you correctly.

Me: Pronounces last name.

Officer: I pulled you over when I saw you veer back, were you having trouble seeing past the trailer?

Me: Yes sir.

Officer: That's good enough.

Then he left. Never did give him my registration. Now, I wasn't #crimingwhilewhite, but it was still an incident that I don't think would have went over quite as smooth if I wasn't white. Though pulling me over for that of all things was a bit odd to being with.

Can't even imagine having to endure incidents like that on a more regular basis.

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