TWO FOR ONE Old Type Writers this week! Talk of the Town editor Jennifer Romano writes, "This week we have a Christmas treat: TWO columns for you in the Old Type Writer -- one by our esteemed columnist Susie Duncan Sexton and one by her talented son, Roy Sexton. Click here to read both."

Aw shucks! Here's a quote from my mom's piece, titled "Disillusionment--Writer's Block, Christmas 2014" ... "If Godfather Brando is correct, should each of us honor the actor harbored within ourselves as we attempt to communicate and to function in this ever more disconnected world? Should we cater to what we believe an 'audience' might want and might respond to…with their hearts or their monetary donations or their votes or their fickleness or whatever? Wouldn't it amaze us to find out that we could indeed be ourselves and achieve a surprising harmony with others and find peace of mind resulting from naturalness and its effortless and welcome acceptance?" AND when you read the column, be sure to click anything words in RED for a festive (or not so festive) musical (or otherwise) surprise! Happy holidays!

posted by roysexton: 1476 days ago