I've been accused of being cheesy, many, many times. That coupled with kleinbl00's less than subtle requests for a "cream" challenge, have led me to the cow, the goat... the sheep etc. If it's dairy, it counts.

We will have till a week from today, Sunday December 7th to prepare a dish that includes dairy.

In order to have a shot at the crown, the title, the grubski trophy, I would highly suggest the following:

1. Take photos of the process and DEFINITELY of the final product

2. Make dairy a central component of your dish

3. Think cocktails/beverages too...


Shoutouts of past participants and observers:

kleinbl00, veen, Complexity,_refugee_, flagamuffin, zebra2, rjw, wasoxygen, humanodon, ghostoffuffle, rezzeJ, thenewgreen, b_b, flagamuffin, insomniasexx, Meriadoc, OftenBen, ButterflyEffect, elizabeth. Also shouting out to mk and forwardslash -Make your wive's a nice meal you deadbeats.


Allow me to present:

Soylent Brûlée

Battle report to follow.

UPDATE: How to make Soylent Brûlée.

posted by thenewgreen: 1511 days ago