What a surprise


Fuck this.

Fuck the grand jury.

Fuck that patronizing, useless governor.

Fuck that white ass fucking prosecutor who laid blame on social media and everyone else but the fucking cops.

Fuck Obama for being a milquetoast neutral observer.

Fuck everyone involved that yelled about the violence of the protestors despite the only violence coming for the militarized police.

Fuck America.

This isn't a hospitable country for anyone but upper class, older, straight, white males. I have nothing but disdain for these people and anyone who claims any of this sham of a democratic process produces justice anymore.

I'm doing a fucking media blackout. I can't handle this shit. The US has emphatically said once again that they don't think black lives matter. That man stood up there and lied for twenty straight minutes.

I need a fucking cigarette.

posted 2016 days ago