When you see her at the bar, do not approach; girls are easily startled and might dart into tiny holes in the floor if frightened. Instead, stare at her from across the room with a blank unreadable expression, sucking down Kahlua with an intensity that suggests mystery and depth


I love this line:

    The universe, faced with this constant hysterical neediness, will manifest total fulfillment of your needs. That’s how the universe works.
It's kind of true. If you express your constant hysterical neediness, sooner or later someone will take pity on you.

The universe works like that. You can get what you want by really wanting it. As long as you are generally moving in the direction of goodness, the universe sometimes delivers. It will also deliver sometimes when you are moving in the direction of wickedness.

Sometimes you can raise your fist to the heaven, yelling 'WHY ME? WHY ME???" and sometimes you tip your toque and say- Thanks universe. This great compliance of the universe reminds me of a story about the universe coming through for me. If you've arrived at hubski since January 2013, you might not have seen it.

Meanwhile: Be careful who you flirt with. You might end up sleeping with that person. Be careful who you sleep with. You might end up marrying that person.

posted by nowaypablo: 1614 days ago