So here's some added bonus fun from the Carne Adovada. Took these pix last week but hadn't uploaded them until now. PORK FRIED RICE OF DELICIOUSNESS

Note: Leftover pork, briefly rinsed of chili sauce. Not that chili sauce is bad, but it's a little unsubtle for this meal.

We're gonna bust it up to bits. Also, change color temperature. Always keep them guessing

Like buttah

Like pork in buttah

Something few people know is that food sticking is pretty well correlated with temperature differential. Cold food on hot pan? Sticks. Lukewarm food on hot pan? Doesn't.

Think that's like a half pound of pork to four(?) eggs? Feeds 4?

'member that rice cooker?

How much rice? The rest of the rice.

Three eggs. My bad.

Now here's the part where you stir madly. You're basically making scrambled eggs, only you're making scrambled eggs with pork and rice in it. It's a good thing.


Add garnish. Or, since you'll never use all the cilantro you bought and since it was 99 cents for organic, cilantro.

Not pictured: Pineapple because I didn't have any. But that's really good in here. Also scallions, or whatever leftovers you may have. Bell peppers rawk in it too but since I'm deathly allergic to bell peppers I tend not to do that.


inspired by your post and home alone: sauteed onions and lots of red, yellow, and green peppers

  added lots of spinach
  cut and stirred in the pineapple
  looked at the leftover rice and decided to throw it out
  added some leftover fried potatos
  and some leftover macaroni
  and a few spoonfuls of chunky salsa sauce
and it was just fine (but I missed the rice) thx for the idea

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