I sent my very first sext at the age of 15. Maybe I was 13. I was up late, talking to strangers in an AOL chatroom, when someone asked me to upload my photo. I can remember hesitating for a few moments, then obliging, my heart galloping along. I arranged myself on the thick carpet in my bedroom, took a photo with my Web cam, and sent it. Why? Why not? I was clothed, but it was definitely meant to be provocative, flirtatious. I couldn’t fathom any repercussions to my behavior, not at that moment, not at that age. And nothing bad happened, not really. People made comments of the variety you’d expect, some nice, some not so nice, and then the conversation trotted along.


I'm not sure if I would have ever sent them. There was a time in my life when I might have, but not anymore. I'm kind of a prude now.

If you sext, you'd better be ready for it to end up in the hands of someone you'd rather it not. You sent it out, and there are any number of ways that it can be seen by other folk. But really, who cares? Everyone is naked. The viewer is the one with the responsibility not to be an asshole. Pretending that sexting is somehow bad, or that it shouldn't be done, makes you an asshole.

I have a daughter. By the time she is this age, sexting will likely be supplanted by something even more titillating. Whatever.

posted by thenewgreen: 1773 days ago