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Good article.

I actually think most of the drawings included in that article are ridiculous, they don't look like people full stop (obviously that's not the point of the article), but most of the drawings are actually quite shit. The best comics I've read are V for Vendetta, and Maus, one has a superhero and supervillain, one doesn't really, and they didn't need to use hyper masculanised or sexualised imagery to sell the comics. I think the whole super comic image is pretty far down the path of the absurd (and that's in the context of a man who can shoot lasers from his eyes), and they should just calm down a little in all areas. Obviously a lot of people would disagree with me on this, but the imagery is just so childish in some of those I couldn't read them seriously. Watchmen still has a surreal narrative or context but still manages to take itself more seriously.

I wonder if this is part of the 300/Sin City/Frank Miller popularity phase? I'm not really versed in comics so I don't know.

posted by GoatFood: 2522 days ago