Cook is finally able to present the somewhat revolutionary idea that being gay is not just the same as being straight — that it is not a simple aspect of one’s makeup. It changes the way one views the world, as Cook writes. It also compels one forward to take part in a cause larger than oneself.”


I'm conflicted. Yeah its always a good thing to have powerful people on your side, and to relate to. But at the same time, it is undeniable what this position of power affords him regarding a sort of diplomatic immunity. What exactly is going to happen to Tim Cook, CEO of arguably the most popular manufacturer of consumer electronics in the world, for coming out as gay? Compared with the meek twenty-something kid working as an intern/junior for a startup in their local hub, you can hardly call the situation the same or even similar. Like, of god-damn course the celebrities and rich-personalities of the world are able to come out safely. They have safety nets so huge they might as well not even bother with the tightrope act. How are the downtrodden queer folx aka the real people of the world supposed to relate to some rich guy who could probably buy his way out of any scrutiny anyway? It certainly doesn't make me any more relieved or willing to be open about myself. I can't afford to take that risk.

posted by lil: 1632 days ago