Got linked to this, and I found it interesting. I've been especially interested in Identity lately, and while I'm not sure that this comic helped in anyway towards a meaningful conclusion, it definitely started some interesting trains of thought.


Interesting story. The art was pretty good too.

It made me think of George R. Price. He was one of the early proponents and developers of the theories that Dawkins popularised with The Selfish Gene. Realizing an internalizing the consequences of this theory, he became obsessed with acting counter to it, by becoming completely selfless. He started giving away everything he could to the poor, before eventually committing scuicide.

I heard about him in the third episode of a completely fascinating documentary series called All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace (vimeo link, all three episodes are available). I strongly recommend it.

posted by OftenBen: 1756 days ago