What are you doing on Halloween this year?

Do you have a costume in mind?

Do you decorate your house? Make pumpkins? Make pumpkin pie?

What's your craziest Halloween story?

Do you even like Halloween?

Personally, it's one of my favorite holidays. It's a bit less consumeristic than Christmas and a great excuse to just dress up and goof around with friends. Plus candy. And it's fun for everybody! Kids go tick or treating, Teenagers have scary-movie sleepovers, college kids get drunk while wearing sexy costumes, adults get equally drunk in even sexier costumes ;) What's not to love?


Behold, the laziest costume ever:

For comparison:

The hat, baseball bat, and yo-yo are all in Denver. Gonna pick them up on my way back home.

Happy halloween, make safe choices, etc. etc.

posted by elizabeth: 1670 days ago